Maria Ciampa is a marketing professional, actor, and writer based in Los Angeles.

She’s a graduate of Groundlings, UCB, and too many other improv schools to list. She also has a B.A. in Economics from Smith College, and makes her own yogurt in the instant pot.

Maria plays mob mistress “Skinnie Minnie” in indie film Sharkskin. She’s been on Lifetime’s “My Crazy Ex”, MTV’s “Girl Code”, National Geographic’s “The Numbers Game”, and tons of her friend’s comedic web series.

Oh hey, check out this sitcom pilot she shopped around recently.  It’s good, right? Also she makes her own chili in the instant pot.

Maria is featured as Detective Bloomfield, a “gruff, grizzled woman of the law in pursuit of a mysterious serial killer known only as the Dickripper, " in the indie film Dickripper.

She’s in lots of commercials as a friendly banker, concerned jogger, and shrugging mom. Maria has performed at Groundlings, UCB NY and LA, PIT NY, Comedy Central Stage, Comedy Studio, and colleges, clubs, and festivals nation-wide. She currently does live shows and writes/produces sketch and TV with Radcliffe Comedy.

Maria is revising at least 2 pilots, 1 spec, and a bunch of sketches at any given moment. In 2008, she co-created HBO's Women in Comedy Festival with Michelle Barbera and Elyse Schuerman, and today it continues to feature the best emerging voices in comedy. 

Maria works in marketing and management consulting, and leads corporate improv training for all types of organizations. Also she makes her own applesauce in the instant pot.

Moral of the story: Maria really likes her instant pot.