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Harvard Business School

I wrote the appendix to this book, after doing years of research into the insider trading at Enron.


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 Contribution: I wrote the appendix to this book.

 The appendix is a summary of insider trading at Enron, which i created from analysis of SEC documents and investigative research. 

At HBS, I worked with Corporate Governance Professor Emeritus Malcolm S. Salter.

Ernst & Young


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 Contribution: Generated client interest, and nurtured and developed existing client and partner relationships. 

At boutique consultancy Tapestry Networks, I co-authored North American Insights. The publication was sponsored by Ernst & Young.  I worked alongside Fortune 500 audit committee chairs in several industries to help drive change through peer-to-peer dialogue and best-practice sharing. 




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Contribution: Using several digital channels, I increased client engagement and attracted new clients.  

Using Pathmatics' own digital marketing intelligence software platform, I identified and wrote industry-specific stories by translating data into compelling insights .  

I also researched and wrote the monthly and quarterly Top Advertisers Reports, which detailed brands' spending, impressions and behavior by platform: desktop, mobile, video, social. 



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Contribution: Generated inbound leads through content marketing, as well as streamlining internal global cross-functional communication.

I wrote several SDL customer stories as part of the product marketing team, after researching and interviewing C-levels, sales, and customers. 



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Contribution: As Global Marketing and Communications Manager, I laid the  foundation for a collaborative cross-functional team, ensuring  all messaging was in line with core values in product, content, social, and international events. 

I also built relationships with trade publications, partners, and event sponsors.



I co-founded Women in Comedy Festival in 2008.  I've worn all the hats. Literally all the hats. 

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Contribution: At boutique consultancy Chartic, I identified opportunities for growth, assessed new markets, developed growth portfolios, and crafted go-to-market strategies (product positioning, target segments, channel strategy and pricing ). 

Chartic works with global market leaders in complex industrial markets to identify and capture growth opportunities.  We build clear, fact-based strategies then enable clients to move quickly and decisively to both capture core market share and to successfully expand into strategic adjacent markets.  We get the 'hard-to-get data to understand how markets actually work what our clients needed to do to out-think and out-maneuver competitors.


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